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Prophetess To The Nations

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A book that will inspire your spirit and encourage your heart.

Seed of Abraham

Book: ProphetessTo The Nations
Prophetess To the Nations

Suddenly my right arm began to go dead, followed by the entire right side of my body. The Spirit of God said, "The devil is trying to put a stroke on you." I began to rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus. I also told him, "I have never had a stroke, I am not having one now and I will never have one". That spirit (Stroke) lifted off of me and my normal sensations returned.

Available Now! Order from the publisher, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, christianbooks.com or your local bookstore.

To order from the publisher, have your credit card ready and call:

1-877-421-READ (7323)
or please click on:


Packaged by: Pleasant Word, a division of WinePress Publishing,
PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022

CD: "So Glad I'm Holy"
This CD is NOT available at this time.

Seed of Abraham

So Glad I'm Holy

"So Glad I'm Holy" was written after Prophetess Bass was visited by Angels who taught her the song in her bedroom in 1964.

This CD is available for a small gift to the ministry. Contact the Seed of Abraham Pentecostal Church at 425 228-1200 or e-mail your request: sdabraham@aol.com.

Zipporah: Guide For Gifted Women Of God

Seed of Abraham

Book: Zipporah
Written by Pastor Thornton Bell, Sr.

Zipporah (Secrets from the Backside of the Desert- Guide for Gifted Women of God)

It seems we no longer look beneath the surface of a person's skin anymore, seemingly unable to get beyond the wrappings, ribbons, and box to see the gifts within each person. Instead of letting love teach us to see, we are letting hate blind us to the potentials and possibilities each one of God's special creations, each one of our brothers and sisters in humanity, has to offer if only we are willing to open our minds and hearts and receive.


IMPACT - NOW (I Must Put Away Childish Things- No Other Way)

Seed of Abraham

Impact Now
IMPACT NOW provides a meaningful impact on christian life by giving christians practical information and incentives to look continuously into God's Word and study to find personal relevancy.

With 1 Corinthians 13:11 as a starting point, this book establishes a standard process within a biblical context for helping the transition from youth to adulthood. It is especially designed to help parents and young men who are struggling and need to see true role models. It encourages young men to step up, put away childish things, take responsibility in life, and understand God's definition of manhood.

Ordering information:
P. O. Box 1354
Birmingham, Alabama 35201
United States

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