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Apostle Karon Williams
Apostle Karon Williams
Associate Pastor

Signs and Wonders Following

Another soldier in the Army of the Lord gone home...

Dear Pastor Sharpe and the Seed of Abraham Church Family,
This writing is to notify you of the homegoing of Minister T. W. Deere, January 2009. He had been a long time member of The Full Gospel Temple of Prayer, INC. in Toppenish, Washington under the pastorate of Elder Russell and Mother Ernestine Williams.

Several years ago he and his wife, Pastor Pearlie Deere, moved away from the Toppenish-Yakima vicinity to Madera, California to be closer to their adult children and their grandchildren. Consequently, Pastor Deere was installed in a work under the auspices of The Full Gospel Temple of Prayer under Apostle Karon Williams. Pastor Pearlie and Minister Deere did a great deal of personal ministry among the people in their community, even though both of them had some serious ongoing health problems. As the years went on, the Deeres were unable to care for themselves physically. SO THEIR MINISTRY WAS LIMITED BECAUSE OF HEALTH PROBLEMS. However, they kept close contact with their relationships they had established with their community. Pastor Pearlie passed away a few days after Pastor Bass in November of 2007. Of course, Brother Deere took his wife's passing very hard. They had been married about 68 years. His health went down after that.

For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

During the 1970s, Brother Deere had a very unusual miraculous testimony of how he was saved and healed of cancer  after Mother Ernestine Williams was miraculously "TRANSLATED" by the power of the Holy Ghost to where he was stationed at Shemya Airforce Base in Alaska, Mother Williams entered his room where he was lying in bed sick with cancer; she layed her hands on his head and she then she turned around quickly and left the room. He jumped out of bed trying to follow her; but she was gone that fast! How did Mother Williams get on the island of Shemya? He realized something supernatural had  taken place. He went to bed that night a sinner that was suffering from cancer. He had an immediate life change. He was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. The Lord healed him instantly of the cancer and closed the wound completely. He had brand new skin where the cancer had been! He looked between the sheets thinking the cancer had fallen off in the bed. He couldn't find a thing. There was no sign of a scab or blood on his body or in his bed to be seen! What was more mind-blowing, was the fact that Mother Williams had been in his room and prayed for him. He saw her and felt her hand touch him. He could describe what she was wearing but could not understand how she got there and how she moved so fast- nowhere to be found. That was the miraculous start of The Full Gospel Temple of Prayer located on the island of Shemya Airforce base in Alaska.

Brother Deere immediately entered his ministry calling and began to testify to the military men located there. He had church services  in his room nightly. Some of the airmen got saved and sanctified. The Lord began to pour out HIS HOLY SPIRIT with signs and wonders, healings and deliverances took place.

He was greatly persecuted about his testimony of being saved and healed from cancer as demonstrated by the work of the Holy Ghost through Mother Williams. Many men opposed him and called him "crazy"; especially about that part where some woman came on the military base. No women were allowed on the base! How did she get on and off the base without going through security? (Oh, she had connections-SMILE)
Brother Deere asked the Lord to send Mother Williams to the base again. only this time, Brother Deere wanted someone else to see her come and leave the base. He knew he needed another eyewitness that her coming was not his imagination or a dream or a vision; and that he wasn't crazy! He saw her in her real physical body fully dressed in her clothes. He prayed that someone that he had testified to would have a similar experience and see her too. Well, one day soon after that prayer, an airman, Brother Scott saw her come and leave the base! Just like Brother Deere, he tried to run after her as fast as she was running; but he couldn't keep up and then she was suddenly gone-nowhere to be found. Shortly after that incident, Brother Deere and Brother Scott came to a church service at The Full Gospel Temple of Prayer in Yakima while they were on leave. Both of them offered their own testimonies. Mother Williams also gave her testimony from her side of the story; she told detailed accounts about coming to the base giving vivid descriptions of the buildings, how things looked, felt and smelled. When they all got through talking about the supernatural power of God, the Lord poured out His Spirit on the congregation. A mighty rushing wind was present! The Lord did great things for his people that evening. These are some of the remembrances that I have of these precious ones that have gone to be with the Lord. For those of us that are alive and remain- the best is yet to come!

In His service too,


Carla Evans
Carla Evans

For me in October of 2009 it was 37 years of salvation. In 1971, I heard the word from Pastor Bass coming from Acts chapters 1 and 2. I was 16 [almost 17] years old. I went up for prayer but found myself surrendering all: getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

A year later I joined the Usher Board and became the church secretary. I also assisted with the bookkeeping and served on the Board of Trustees. I have remained with the Seed of Abraham Pentecostal Church all these years because of the wonderful sound teaching on living a Holy life. I love the word preached by Pastor Bass. My two children [now grown] were raised in the church. We have always supported the work at the Seed of Abraham. . .

Carla Evans


Mother Clotheal Johnson
Late Clotheal Johnson
January 13, 1921 - February 15, 2008

My life [after salvation] began following my sister-in-law [Pastor Bass] to God's Pentecostal Church. I have been traveling with her since that time. Pastor Bass has been my pastor from the day the Lord called her to preach. I knew nothing about holiness; she taught me about holiness. I can say, it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I thank God...I thank God for her and for her listening to [the call of] God because I can say these 40 years of holiness have been great! I would not trade it in for another model. You see, it never gets old or needs a new part. It never needs batteries. I will keep the holiness that I have for another 40 years. I love and enjoy the teaching I received.

Mother Clotheal Johnson


November, 2004
Kawempe Worship Centre; Christian Outreach Ministries

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the last two months, over twenty people have come to the Lord and have joined our Church. Among those who came to the Lord was a former witch-doctor called Zakalia. It was one of those days, when our house to house outreach team met this man. He was in [a] sorrowful state because he had just lost his job, and at the same time, his wife had also left him and went with all the house property. Therefore, when he saw people with Bibles, he was willing to listen to them.

After they had ministered to him about the love of Christ, he received Jesus Christ. And that evening, they came with him to Church. He testified how he has been a witch-doctor and how the evil spirits have been driving him in forests and on mountains even when he didn't want to go there. When he reached in such places, he could hear the voices of demons telling him how they like him to sacrifice for them frogs, snakes, birds and other wild animals. And always what gave him a shock is to see what the devil had told him to sacrifice coming by itself. If it said frogs, then he could see frogs coming to him in hundreds like that. He was in witch-craft for 30 years. And he heard loads of witch crafts which he was using. But although he was doing this, deep inside his heart, he was so much tired and he didn't know how to get away from this demonic forces. Every time when he thought like living it, then he was much afraid of his life. For many years, he lived in a life of fear; and what the devil had done to his life was to send him guards in form of two big snakes. Everywhere he went, these two big snakes followed him.

Two days after getting born-again, he went to the village where he had kept some of the witch-crafts. His sister and one of his brothers were keeping this witch-craft, but when he went to them and told them of how he got born-again; and how he wanted to take all his witch-crafts and destroy them with fire, they got up and beat him almost to the point of death but God intervened and he was saved from their evil hands.

They ran with all the witch-craft. He came back to his home and went to the doctor for treatment. Then two days later he brought all the witch-craft which were in his house. Then on one night we gathered some of us to burn this witch-craft and when they started to burn, a very strong demonic force came out of him and tried to throw him in the fire. But our strong men got him and took him to the prayer room. It took three days for our brother to get delivered, and as I write he is free and he is strong in the Lord.

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