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Testimonies of Victory!

Healing Praise Reports

Maurice and Rosie
Testimony of victory!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You For Your Prayers!


Rosie's Journal: A Series of Miracles... (August 2010)


Several months ago, Maurice had started a walking program at work. He did not tell me, but, while walking uphill he had experienced left shoulder and arm pain, lasting only a short time but growing more persistent.


Through co-workers, he ended up seeing an outstanding cardiologist--MIRACLE #1--whose national and international recognitions and accomplishments are a full page, not just a list! He did a cardiac-CAT Scan that same day--MIRACLE #2--and referred him to an angiogram specialist. Through a series of changes--another MIRACLE of God's Guidance--Maurice ended up in the office of the most wonderful cardiologist (Cardiologist #2). The angiogram was so shocking that he just backed out immediately: two of three coronary arteries were both blocked 80% and the most important one, L.A.D. (Left Anterior Descending) was as close to 100% clogged as possible. Both the cardiologists said they could not understand why he had not had a fatal, if not major heart attack… nothing. The heart itself was as in perfect condition as possible--despite years of high blood pressure, etc.! What a MIRACLE!!


Seed of Abraham

Co-Pastor Catherine Collins
Testimony of victory!
Thank you for all of your prayers!

Good News, Good News, Good News! GOD has blessed me!!! I'm a walking miracle. The evidence is in and has been recorded in my [medical] record!

I have been dealing with my eye sight for a few years, I could not see, just the big E on the [eye] chart, nor could I drive for almost two years (because of my sight).

February 23, 2010: I left my eye doctor, the specialist, and he said: “it's like a miracle. We only expected for you to be able to see the big E on the eye chart (it was a 50/50 chance) that you would be able to see that well (THE BIG E ON THE CHART).” I said it is a miracle and God did it, he did all of that and more...

Last year at this time I was hospitalized for ten long days with high blood pressure, enlarged heart, congestive heart failure and pneumonia. They said my gall bladder needed to come out! I could not walk a block, I had a very hard time breathing and I couldn't see in my right eye; this was so serious. 

Seed of Abraham

Mother Ethel Phillips
Testimony of victory!
For with God nothing shall be impossible.

In August 1974, I had a heart condition. I was rushed to Group Health Hospital where I was checked through and through. The doctors could not find a heartbeat or pulse. The doctors were shocked. They told my family that I was the second patient they had seen not having a heartbeat or pulse. It wasn't anything they could do because they didn't know what to do. They told my family they would just have to visit and see what happens.
Oh, but thank God for Jesus! I was lying on the table in the room by myself. The Lord touched my body and the room lit up. The Lord was standing with his hands stretched out and the heavenly choir was singing. It was the largest choir I had ever seen! They were dressed in white. When I came out of this, I felt so good. I wanted to go back into it.
I got up and dressed myself. The nurse came in and ran out to tell the other nurses and doctors. They asked me "what happened?" I told them the Lord touched my body. They told my family. I know it had to be the Lord, because it was truly a miracle!
Just remember when the doctors say that's it, God always has the last word. I will never stop loving God! My heart is fixed and my mind is made up.

Mother Ethel Phillips

Seed of Abraham

Testimony of victory!
Evangelist Eula Kidd

I bought some anti-freeze to put in my car. After putting in the anti-freeze, the portion that remained, I put in a one gallon fruit drink container and left it in my car thinking to finish using the anti-freeze [later]. While realizing this wasn't a proper container, just this time, I'd leave it in the car. The next day my husband chose to use this car, of the two cars we have, and when he saw the container he thought maybe it was orange drink left over and brought it into the kitchen and left it on the table. When I came in the kitchen, I was real thirsty, so being in a hurry to quench my thirst, without pouring in a glass, as I usually do, I held the container to my mouth and drank it thinking it was orange drink. Once I had swallowed it, I noticed it was unsually thick, and I realized something wasn't right. I asked my husband if he brought in the container from the car and he said yes. I thought Oh God, I've drank anti-freeze. Just as I seemed to panic, the Holy Ghost spoke to me and said: "and if they shall drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them".
I tried to bring it back up, but then thought maybe I should drink some milk. The Spirit kept reminding me of this scripture and thereby comforted me all that day and that night as I slept. The Holy Ghost kept reassuring me I wouldn't die, or be ill. This scripture was fulfilled in my life that day. Oh how I thank the Lord for the Holy Ghost!

Evangelist Eula Kidd
Mark 16:18- They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Seed of Abraham

Mother Lucille Williams
Testimony of victory!
Head Church Mother

I praise the Lord day and evening; [God] has been so good to me these 40 years. When I met Pastor [Bass] I was very sick (Mother Williams had a bad heart and was not expected to live). Someone told me about the 'little lady' that had a store-front church. I went to visit the church just to see and to get healed. Pastor [Bass] prayed for me and the Lord saved my soul and healed my body of a heart condition. I was born again and the Seed of Abraham Pentecostal Church became my church family.

I thank God for blessing me with a good church family and a good, good pastor. He is in the blessing business.

Mother Lucille Williams

Seed of Abraham

Dear [Pastor] Bass & Church Family

For the privacy of my family, I will not use my name. Seed of Abraham, I want you to know the healing power God has empowered with Pastor Bass.

I've had HIV now for years and God has kept me in good health. But in March 2006, the doctors stated my health was worse and I was close to having Aids. Now at this point I hadn't been on medicine in years. But the doctors said I had to take medicine immediately. Also, the doctors said it wasn't a guarantee that the medicine would work.

An evangelist I've known for a long time suggested we go and see Pastor Bass. Pastor Bass prayed for my complete healing and the evangelist and I touched and agreed.

Two days after that it was time for me to go to the doctor to hear my blood results. I believed that I was healed! I know God has blessed Pastor Bass with the gift of healing; I know God hears her prayers as well as the evangelist and mine.

I'm healed!!! Not only did my blood count go back to normal, but the virus is undetectable. Undetectable means that it's so low in my body that traces can't be located. Praise God! Praise God!

...Thank you God Holy Father, Jesus Christ Son of God, Holy Ghost; without the Trinity where would we be?

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Healing Praise Reports (Continued)

Seed of Abraham