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Healing Praise Reports (Continued)

Maurice and Rosie
Testimony of victory!
DFW New Beginnings

Maurice had actually prayed the cardiologist (#2) would not do any heroics, and that was what we got: clear indications from the angiogram that immediate bypass surgery was necessary. Enter cardiac SURGEON #3--right on that spot--MIRACLE again, Dr Jose Escobar! The surgery was scheduled as soon as reasonable with very little time for us to get things in order.


All during the 6-1/2 hour surgery--a QUADRUPLE Bypass opened chest procedure--the OR nurse called every 45 minutes to report how things were going. One of the pastors from church, whose birthday was also that day stayed with me, and a kind volunteer who had the same surgery eight years ago (who is now 80+ years old). Maurice was in the OR from 5:50am until that afternoon, 2:30pm! Dr Escobar reported that everything had gone "better that good!” Maurice was brought to the C-ICU with nine IV's, arterial and jugular sensors, multiple wires through his chest directly attached to the heart, and two chest tubes--each about the size of a table leg--plus oxygen mask & sensors--all ending in some pump, bag, or screen. Despite all that paraphernalia, Maurice was out of bed the next morning after surgery and three times more that day--even making everyone laugh by his dance steps—and those infamous breezy-rear hospital gowns! (Well, two gowns were used!)


Four days later, everything had gone so well that we were preparing to go home on Monday. Maurice had just finished a little breakfast and was about to make a trip to the bathroom when I noticed something was wrong. Suddenly he was slumping to his right side and his right hand was dragging everything off the bed-table. Immediately, I called and the room was full of nurses and doctors. It was a stroke involving his entire right (dominant) side. He was rolled, bed-and-all, down to CT Scan to rule out a blood vessel rupture--so that the new brain-repairing medication could be immediately given!! A BIG MIRACLE, for sure!! Although I had not left his side, just the possibility that I could have been at that moment in the bathroom would have made all the difference!!

Within twelve hours, Maurice awoke kicking his right leg in the air and swinging his right arm with new movement of his hand and fingers!! By the end of that day, he was writing--big words with his left hand, but later his right hand!! Another series of MIRACLES!!


Everyday since, his speech is getting better,although it takes a huge effort. Out-patient speech and occupational therapy do not begin until later this week! I think Dr Adams will even be impressed--MIRACLE!! The hardest next has been restoration for lung capacity/function which today seems dramatically better, maybe complete, especially now low-pain! MIRACLE!!!


The greatest of all MIRACLES has been the spread of worldwide prayer: DayStar Christian Television where Maurice worked in the International Prayer Department, though our church, DFW New Beginnings, and the pastoral staff and worldwide groups who have been praying. All the seeds Maurice (and I) sown over the years really are coming to harvest!!! That's Isaiah 58 for sure!! And we are still covered by people we don't even know. Someone from Amsterdam, Holland has now called us three times; Dr John Osborne (cardiologist #1) has called us on his cell phone 3 - 4 times saying he is praying!! Even Dr Escobar said with tears in his eyes at our discharge, "Man, I think I want you to come see me everyday--especially when I'm having one of those [bad] days!" Our room almost always had someone there who didn't want to leave, many praying with us! Someone said, "This room is known around the hospital as 'the V.I.P. room'!" We are eternally grateful for all the prayers that bombarded the Heavens on our behalf. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!


All in all, it was a frightening, but glorious experience!! All glory to God!!!!

  - Rosie


Co-Pastor Catherine Collins
Testimony of victory!
New Life Faith Christian Center (Tacoma WA)

Early one morning while in my hospital bed, I woke up with a rapid heart beat (160 beats per minute). The whole right side of my body was in pain, I felt my lung pumping, my heart beating, I had a massive headache, my throat was sore, and pain was easing down to my feet. I called my husband, Pastor Collins, and told him to get here: something was going on and I didn't know what!!!

He got there in fifteen minutes and we began to pray the prayer of faith believing God to touch my body! Codes were going off, but no doctor to be found!!! I said this scripture: ‘I would have fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!’ God touched my body, and every pain left all at once. No operation on my gall bladder was needed!!!

When I left the hospital I was still weak, not able to walk long distances and my body was tired. I could not stand for long periods of time. I was still not able to drive. My doctor sent me to a kidney specialist, because the function of my kidneys had gone down under 50%, but I report today when I went to the doctor yesterday blood tests was back to normal.

So [now] the report is: kidneys are back to normal, gall bladder is functioning up to par and my eye sight is 20/30 with glasses, everything is better than expected according to the doctors. It is on my doctor's report: GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKING GOD!!! I'M PRAISING HIM RIGHT NOW WILL YOU HELP ME? GIVE HIM SOME GLORY!


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